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We Build Better Blogs

Seriously. We build blogs. That's not unique. But what is unique about our service is our expertise and experience. Not only can we give you a killer design, but we deliver a highly marketable web property - for Internet users and for search engines. Whether you are looking to wow the world with the next most-popular humor or entertainment blog, or if you simply have something important to say and want the world to know about it, we can help.
So before you choose your neighbor's nephew, go with an established web design company that can get you exactly what you want, when you want it, and for the price you are looking for.
We have bulk pricing available. We do design and coding. We can purchase your URL, host your blog, and of course... we can market it to the world.
Don't wait. Build a better blog today with Three Ring Blogs and Three Ring Focus. Contact us today

About Three Ring Blogs

Three Ring Blogs is a Blog Network that specializes in designing, developing, managing, advertising, and marketing blogs to bring you more traffic, more exposure, and more revenue. Our history, though it may be short, is a successful one.
In October 2009, we helped design, develop and launch People of Walmart, which in just one short month, go the attention of the world, and put Three Ring Focus on the map. Three Ring Focus - our marketing and development firm - then launched several more successful blogs in rapid succession.
Not only did our own company owned blog network give us access to over 500,000 unique visitors a day, but it also earned the attention of many other like minded blog owners (humorous blogs, funny blogs, shocking blogs, satirical blogs). We were very quickly inundated with requests for blog design, development, and marketing. Voila. The Three Ring Blog Network was born.
Through our network, we allow other blog owners or blog companies to get access to not only our traffic and fans, but to our advertising as well.
We don't just launch blogs. We launch businesses. So if you have a great idea or a great blog or website that you just can't seem to get off the ground, then contact Three Ring Blogs today.
We make them laugh, while we make you money.

Join Us

Do you have a funny idea for a blog that you think would be a great fit for the Three Ring Blogs Network? We have the capabilities to take your idea and turn it into a reality. Sometimes ideas need finely tuned before they are truly ready for the Three Ring Blogs Network. For instance, if your idea is for users to rate pieces of poop in a toilet, please look elsewhere. PoopForCash.com will never be a Three Ring Blogs site. However, if a turd happens to look like Abraham Lincoln, then maybe we can use it for a bathroom website, like FlushedUp.com that would include bathroom scrawls, sexual adventures, etc. Get the idea? Also, make sure that your idea isn't too specific because it will be a lot harder to find fresh content to post daily. Be sure to keep that in mind before sending us your idea.
If you have a blog that is already live on the internet but only you and your Mom know it exists, but you think our audience would find it hilarious, we can work with you as well. If you have an idea that we like, a slight design tweak will need to be made so that it looks similar to the other blogs. If you click through all of the Three Ring Blogs websites, you will notice that they are consistent in design and we wish to keep it that way.


What is Three Ring Blogs?

Three Ring Blogs is a blog network that specializes in designing, developing, advertising, and marketing blogs and websites that have funny, humorous, satirical, awe inspiring, shocking, and sexy content. You get the idea.

What is Three Ring Focus?

Three Ring Focus is the marketing and development firm behind Three Ring Blogs.

How can I join the Blog Network?

Easy. Just drop us a line and we'll go over your current blog or website and get the ball rolling immediately. We're easy to talk to and (when you don't look directly at us - and we're standing in soft light) we're good looking too!

Do I have to already own and operate a blog or website to join the network?

Nope. We're also a design and development firm. So, if your idea is good enough, we'll create the design for you.

Do you allow for duplicated or over-lapping blogs, websites, or content?

Nope. First come, first serve. So if you join our network, you can rest assured that your focus and/or content will be unique to our network as long as you are a member.

What is considered duplicate content?

Well. Let's use an example. We have a blog that covers pictures of cars, so no more car blogs. We have a "sexy" beach blog, so no more "sexy" beach blogs (though... really... can you ever have too much sexy?)

Do I have to pay upfront to join the Blog Network?

Our Blog Network is based on a revenue share agreement, and that is distributed at the end of the month or other agreed upon time period. So no, you don't have to pay anything upfront. However, all design and development costs are billed separately, and do require upfront payment.

I have multiple blogs or websites. Can I add them all?

Just as long as there is no overlapping or duplicate content, the answer is yes. The more, the merrier.

Do I retain ownership of my blog or website?

Absolutely. Your content, your blog, your stuff. Our network is based on a revenue share model, which means we only get paid from what we are able to make you. All you do is manage your content, and we do the rest. (for the most part, see below).

Do you do website or blog design and development?

Sure do. Visit our web development firm at www.ThreeRingFocus.com.

Does the blog network include web hosting, web design, or web development?

No. All project work is billed separately outside of the revenue share agreement.
Should you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

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